Travel to Thailand

Have you been planning to travel to Thailand with your friends? Every year, millions of people travel to Thailand, and the percentage of people choosing it as their vacay-destination has been increasing. 

It’s not a surprise because the place is just mesmerising; everything from food to those serene beaches can be tempting. 

But before you take off to the land of happy faces, let’s discuss a little about the best places you can visit while travelling Thailand, the food you can explore, and some quirky facts too. 

So you know what you’re putting yourself into and what you can expect from this trip. 

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Some quirky facts you must know before visiting Thailand

  1. Thailand has two meanings. One of which is “land of the free” as “Thai” stands for “Free’. And the other one is “land of Thais”, which is the ethnic group. 
  2. From what we’ve heard, the place is hospitable. The natives usually are soft-spoken and offer a welcoming vibe. 
  3. Thailand is known for its Mangoes – you must also try them once there. 
  4. One thing that might turn you off is the place is quite crowded. However, it can be a plus point if you’re there to meet new people and explore. 
  5. While animal tourism is quite popular in the state, what you must do as a tourist is avoid the same. As these animals are abused. But if it is on your must-do list, make sure you research well and find an ethical way to do the same. 
  6. You might find the monkeys but don’t want to feed them. It can turn messy. 
  7. You want to stay away from bugs if you don’t want to ruin your trip. Carry a bug spray, we suggest. 
  8. The weather gets a little out of control during the months of July-October; heavy rains and storms cause some accommodations and ferries to close temporarily. Thus it would help if you plan accordingly. 
  9. The place is crowded, especially from November to March – if you’re going there with specificity in mind, you better double-check your bookings. 
  10. Read a little about the culture before visiting Thailand since people there are culture-sensitive there. 
  11. You need to respect the King of the land. 
  12. You will want to find strictly vegetarian restaurants if you’re a vegetarian. 

Now that we’ve given you all the disclaimers and head-ups in the world that you needed before this trip, let’s skip to the good part and discuss what you can explore being there. 

11 places to explore on your trip to Thailand



While travelling in Thailand, the capital city is where you must be if you’re a night owl. If there’s a city that never sleeps, then Bangkok is the one. The city has over 8 million residents; there’s a lot more than just pubs and bars that you can discover. 

For starters, you wouldn’t want to miss the savouring options available in Chinatown. Being in Bangkok, you have to dine in Chinatown at least once, and you’ll love to see how lively the place is. Most importantly, it’s not just restaurants; you can find food stalls, and your love for Chinese will amplify there. 

Next up, we suggest making a stop at Jim Thompson House. Since Thai silk is famous worldwide, you can find no better place to learn about it, and this could be a good experience if you like history. 

The nightlife is what you would never want to miss. You can choose to spend your evening on one of the rooftop bars and drink and vibe while watching the whole city go wild at night time from there. It’s a treat to your eyes. 

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

But if you’re a little on the “I can’t take this madness” side, you might want to ditch Bangkok for Chiang Mai. It’s like the second city of Thailand, a little less crazy and a little cosier. People like visiting Chiang Mai on spiritual retreats and keep coming back for the vibe. 

If you like street food, you should consider visiting Chiang Mai Gate Market. The market is overwhelmed with delectable food options from pad kra pow to khao soi; you can find all you want to devour. 

Also, if are travelling to Thailand for the first time, you need to visit Sunday Walking Street. You can shop while munching on the flavourful options available and get yourself the most finely handcrafted clothes, dolls, lamps and whatnot. The possibilities are unending! 

For those who don’t find museums a bore, Highland People Discovery Museum is a nice stop. You can explore a lot about Thailand’s hill tribes there – from the natives’ traditional wear and jewellery to tribal music – you’ll learn a lot.  

Hidden somewhere on the city’s outskirts is this must-visit place called Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls. The best thing is its woodland surrounded by falls where you can climb. So what do you think? A day out of the madness in nature is worth it. 

Koh Samui

Koh Samui

If you take any suggestions from this article, we’d say visit Koh Samui. This place will leave you in awe with so much that it has to offer. Especially if you are a water baby, this place is a must-visit while travelling to Thailand for you. 

First, water sports in Koh Samui are what people love the most. From snorkelling and scuba diving, kitesurfing, and sea kayaking to swimming – you can have the level of adventure that gives you enough adrenaline. 

But worry not; if you don’t like soaking that much, you will probably love to pamper yourself through a relaxing spa. Apart from that, you can go off-roading or spend a day embracing nature on the elephant’s back. 

But don’t create a judgement just yet; while this might sound like a quiet place, the nightlife will not disappoint you. People of Koh Samui know how to party and will teach you too. You can consider the complete moon party and dance the night out. 



The largest and most famous island of Thailand – famous for its’ food, sunny beaches and adventurous water sports, Phuket is an exceptional place that one has to visit while travelling in Thailand. Usually, the climate is sunny, and even during the monsoon season, it hardly rains there – making it a safe place to visit any time of the year. 

Being in Phuket, you want to visit Patong Beach. While this place might not allow you to spend that much time alone and isolated from the crowd, you’ll enjoy going around shopping and bumping into random people. 

Kata Beach is a better match for those who like to keep it low-key. It is a curving bay with enough casuarinas and palms; there still be tourists though we can’t deny it. But it’s less crowded. 

We can’t blame you for wanting to spend your holiday lying on the beach, soaking in the sunlight. But if you want a more memorable experience and explore the island a little more, sign up for an island tour. We’re sure you’ll love it. 



A fascinating place in west Thailand, Kanchanaburi is one of the must-visit places. While many tourists go there to experience nature and the aesthetics like the mountains and waterfalls, you can also choose to explore the historical attractions of the place. 

Being there, you must visit Safari Park Open Zoo. It is excellent as you spend a few hours near nature and exotic animals. You’d like to catch the crocodile show and maybe a few close encounters with other animals. 

You can also consider visiting the Tham Kra Sae Bridge – an old but well-preserved bridge that is the most visited tourist destination in the place. You can deboard and enjoy the scenic view of the river and the mesmerising landscape. As most tourists like to do while travelling Thailand. 

If you’re a woodland person, you will have to make time to visit the Sai Yok National Park. It is somewhat 100 km from Kanchanaburi and is a beautiful place surrounded by waterfalls, dense forests and wildlife. 

We think a trip to Thailand deserves a day in the woods too, and so should you! 

Eat at a floating market. 

Eat at a floating market. 

Floating markets can make you feel like you’ve entered a different world entirely. It might seem a little new to you with canals overcrowded with boats stuffed with food. But while visiting  Thailand, exploring the historic floating market is a must. 

The history of these floating markets is significant to the natives of the country. Before the city of Bangkok was developed, trading became difficult for vendors; without properly built roads, these people resorted to waterways to sell their products. The Chao Phraya River became the source of life for the people of the place. Thus, even when development occurred, the canals remained a preeminent source of trade. 

One of the many floating markets of Thailand is Damnoen Saduak. Approximately an hour from Bangkok, you can be lucky enough to experience a boat ride through the canal if you reach there early. 

You can explore other floating markets in Thailand, like Bang Kachao and Amphawa. 

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

You can’t go home from a trip without gifts for your friends and family especially when you’re visiting Thailand.  Thus, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The best time to visit the Bazaar is at night since the market is lit. Spread across different blocks of the city, you can find ample options here to get souvenirs – from clothing to handcrafted jewellery, lamps, and art pieces – there’s a lot to explore. 

Visiting during the night has one more benefit: the fantastic food stalls and shafts. Foodies have to try out the unique options there – you can find everything there from continental to thai, and we assure you you’ll likely fall in love with the place n your first visit. 

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

From what we hear, Koh Chang is the most loved island in Thailand. This place is situated in North Thailand and is surrounded by beautiful mountains, making it the best place to escape. Another thing that adds to the beauty of this place is the beach is covered with white sand. Hence, a must-visit place while travelling to Thailand. 

It is a mesmerising place to be, which is why it can feel a little crowded but in a good way. Since other people are also there to explore the site, you can have fun trying to meet new people and make friends. 

You can also rent a small hut here and enjoy the whole vibe or book the resort if you like that. Wherever you stay, sign up for some adventure sports like Snorkeling, Diving and Neon Parties. 



You can also spare some time on your trip and choose to visit Railay; it is relatively less famous than other places listed in this article, but this place will surely leave you in awe with its beauty and everything it offers. 

Railay is the right place for you if you are in the mood for some adventurous activities. Located in Krabi, you can only reach here through a boat. This place is so heavy that you would not want to end your trip once you get there. Being there, you don’t want to miss out on the Railay viewpoint. 

Some major attractions of this place are Tham Phra Nang Cave and Lagoon. 



Enough with the beaches, sports and nature. While visiting Thailand, anyone would want to party, and we get it. This is why we suggest you add this stop to your list of places to visit in Thailand. It is the most awake and lively place you can find in Thailand and is Thailand’s party hub. This place is best for adventurous and spontaneous personalities who like to party all night and spend some time in the ocean witnessing underwater life. 

The beaches of Pattaya are all night lit, and people keep hopping from bar to bar, having the time of their life. The place is also lined up with several beach shacks and eatery options. 

Some of the key attractions of this place are Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Floating Market, and Sanctuary of Truth. 

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Talking about parties, we can’t seem to forget about Koh Phangan. This place is exclusively famous for the full moon parties and coconut trees. Surrounded by woodlands and serene beaches, this is the ideal place for anyone visiting Thailand for its famous parties. 

The cherry on the cake is the weather. The place has very breezy and sunny weather throughout the year. You can indeed run away from the heat of Bangkok to the light and pleasant climate of Koh Phangan. 

People also blabber about the watersports of this place. Those who have tried diving in Koh Phangan have had wonderful and memorable experiences; thus, we intend to pass on the word. If you also appreciate underwater life, this is something you should do. 

With this, we wrap our list of 11 must-visit places in Thailand. It was challenging for us to pick out 11 locations in Thailand that are worth a trip since it’s such a vast country with so much to offer. But considering the likes and dislikes of ordinary people today, we have managed to curate the list, which is comprehensive in exploring worthy food options too. We have also tried to put something in it for everyone, so no matter the kind of vacation that you are looking for, you get something of value out of it. 

Now that the list of must-visit places in Thailand is ready with you, all you have to do is finally book the trip.