safest and worst countries for solo female travelers

Solo traveling is all about fun, creating new memories, meeting new people, learning new cultures, and finding inner peace. These days solo female travel is a new and interesting trend. It gives solo female travelers a sense of freedom where they can explore alone and face hurdles on their own.

Female travelers are now preferring more solo trips rather than group trips. Solo trips for women are gaining more and more fame day by day. Social media has a significant role in promoting solo travel for women. 

For solo female travelers who want to explore the world on their own terms, we bring some fruitful information that may help them later. Here we are going to share the 10 safest countries and 10 worst countries for solo female travel. On this basis, female travelers can plan their next trip and be ready to create wonderful memories.

First, let us begin with the safest places for solo female travelers then, we go to the next section of our discussion. 

Safest Countries for Solo Female Travelers



Finland is known for its stunning landscapes, northern lights, and magnificent oceans. According to the travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, Finland is ranked number one in terms of Safety.

Tourism is a vital part of Finland’s economy and that’s why they promote healthy tourism. In the entire Europe, Finland is one of the safest countries for solo female travelers.



With spectacular mountains, national parks, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches, Canada grabs the attention of travelers. In all American countries, Canada is considered the safest country for best solo female travel destinations. Canada has strict laws against female security that make Canada a safer place for female explorers. Canada tourism also promotes Solo female travel as a symbol of women empowerment. Thus, flights to Canada are quite reasonable for solo female travelers.

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is yet another stunning country with grand landscapes, snow-capped mountains, rivers, beaches, and of course, generous people.

According to the survey of the Institute for Economics and Peace, New Zealand is the fourth safest country. New Zealand welcomes female travelers wholeheartedly and makes sure that their journey will be enjoyable with them.



Uruguay is a tiny country with mind-blowing beaches, shores, lakes, and mountains. It is very close to Brazil. The magnificent natural beauty attracts many female and male travelers. You won’t believe that Uruguay has some of the lowest crime rates in the Americas. Uruguay is also considered as the safest country for solo travel for women.


Switzerland is a dream destination for all of us. Do you also want to explore Switzerland alone? If yes, then don’t wait anymore, Switzerland is one of the peaceful and safest countries for solo female travelers. According to the Global Peace Index, Switzerland is the seventh most peaceful country in the world.



Belgium is one of the most stunning and photographed destinations in Europe. It has some spectacular lakeside houses, mountains, rivers, vibrant streets, and much more.

Among solo female travelers, Belgium remains at the top of the bucket list. In the report of the International Women’s Travel Center, Belgium ranked 10th in terms of best countries for women nomads. 

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Oh my God! How can we miss Austria? This European country is full of fun and happiness. The people of Austria are so welcoming that you never feel like an outsider.

It has the most spectacular mountains and hiking peaks that attract various female mountaineers from all over the world.  In the report of the International Women’s Travel Center, Austria ranked 4th in the list of best countries for solo female travel.



Iceland is as beautiful as its name. 15% of the area is covered with ice. Its mind-blowing landscapes and ice-covered regions are tremendously famous among solo female travelers.

Among enthusiastic female explorers, Iceland is more noted because it has some of the lowest crime rates. If you look at the ranking index of the Global Peace Index, Iceland is on the number one rank. 



Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in East Asia. It is also known as the land of sunrise. Tokyo is the spectacular capital of Japan, which is the hub of tourism and other fun activities.

Among Asian, European, American, and African women, Japan is quite famous for its civil laws and great hospitality. That makes it one of the safest countries for solo Female travelers. According to the Global Peace Index, Japan is 6th among the most peaceful countries in the world. 



Every backpacker wants to explore Chile at once, whether it’s female travelers or male travelers. Its stunning architecture, marvelous culture, thrilling nightlife, exotic beaches, and delicious cuisine catch the attention of travelers.

You will be amazed after knowing that Chile has the lowest crime rate.  According to the Global Peace Index, Chile is 24th among the most peaceful countries in the world. 

Now we are moving towards some of the places that are considered to be unsafe countries for solo female travelers. Well, we are living in the 21st century and almost every country has provided equal rights and security to the ladies. But still, some places might not be safe for travelers. 

Most Dangerous Countries for Solo Female Travelers

Most Dangerous Countries for Women


The U.S Department of State has issued a stern warning to female travelers to avoid traveling in Egypt. It is because of the increase in terrorist activities.

ISIS has committed various deadly attacks in Egypt, targeting government officials, public and tourist places, and market areas. Thus, it is not safe to travel alone for single women. Terrorism is the biggest hurdle in your fun.


This north African country has a high potential for terrorist violence against U.S citizens. The U.S Department of State also warns solo travelers about the crime of aggressive panhandling, street robberies, pick-pocketing, chain-snatching, and burglaries.

This is a very serious problem in all major city areas and tourist spots. Therefore, it is hard to travel for solo female travel. 


Jamaica is also the Worst Country for solo female travelers. Resorts areas of Jamaica are quite safe, but if you go beyond this it will mean dealing with unwanted troubles. The state department also warns that violent crime is increasing day by day.

Particularly, Kingston and Montego Bay becoming a hub of violence. The massive violence against American visitors makes it one of the most dangerous countries for female travelers.


Afghanistan has now become the epic center of terrorism. Taliban captured Afghanistan and the situation of Afghani women is deteriorating day by day.  Many international agencies like the UN, UNESCO, World Bank warn tourists to avoid this place.

The crime rate against women has rapidly increased after the demolition of the Afghani Government. The active terrorism activities make Afghanistan one of the worst country for women. 


Massive terrorism activities and poor women’s rights make it one of the most dangerous country for women. Although Pakistan is a beautiful country to see, terrorism makes it hard for the traveler to explore the rich Islamic culture.


In terms of scenic beauty, the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places to visit. But some provinces of the Bahamas are dangerous to explore for solo female travelers. Such as Paradise and Nassau Island.

These places have high criminal threat levels marked by the Department of State. Robbery, chain-snatching are very common there, so it would be nice if you avoid the Bahamas.


In terms of heritage and culture, Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world. It precisely preserved its ancient culture and roots. But some unwanted elements of society try to make the place horrible for travelers.

Robbery, sexual assault, chain-snatching are common nowadays. So for the safety purpose, you are suggested to avoid such places that are less crowded and dull.


Uganda is a beautiful country in South Africa, rich in natural resources and tribal groups. The indigenous tribal people are the biggest reason that makes Uganda one of the Worst countries for female travelers.

They believe that outsider people are harmful to them and to protect their region they sometimes attack visitors. It might have some dangerous consequences.


Guatemala is undoubtedly a beautiful region but at the same time, the poverty rate is higher here. It leads them towards unethical works like robbery, murder, snatching, and pick-pocketing. The locals believe that American tourists have more money. So they can be an easy target for them. 


Armed robberies, kidnapping, chain-snatching, pick-pocketing, credit card fraud are some of the common problems in Peru.

Peru is naturally blessed by beauty, mountains, rivers, and lakes. But some bad elements of society badly affect the image of Peru. And this led Peru towards one of the dangerous countries for solo female travelers. 

Some Short and Helpful Tips for Solo Female Travelers 

Look, we know you are a strong woman of the 21st century and you are able to take care of yourself. You will agree with the fact that not even a man can fight a thief who has carried a knife or any harmful weapon. 

So it’s time for some smart moves, not for muscle powers. Don’t you think it is a good idea? Why need to waste your energy when you can protect yourself with some smart moves like this;

  • Keep pepper spray in your carry bag all the time
  • Rapidly share your location with your family and friends
  • In case of emergency, contact police 
  • If you find any sign of mishappening, just run away
  • Use public transportation as much as you can
  • Book hotel near airport and bus station 
  • Book vacation package from a reliable source only 
  • Read the crime violence report of the city before heading towards
  • Keep your mobile phone fully charged and keep an extra power bank for emergency
  • Never afraid to take risk 
  • Be happy and never stop to explore 

Look, it’s your choice whatever place you are choosing to explore. But yes, your safety is in your hands. We have shared the list of 10 safest and dangerous countries for solo female travelers. Before planning your upcoming trip, read it and plan accordingly. Till then, keep smiling and keep exploring.