best places to celebrate Christmas

The holiday season combined with the festivities of Christmas is the time of the year when we get all set to enjoy the most significant festival with our loved ones.

But what if we combine this celebration with an exploration of the place which is known for hosting the best Christmas the world has ever seen? Though the season will be busy for booking as many people will be willing to do the same, also there are many Christmas flight deals which makes it all the more favorable to go for a vacation.

While different airways offer different Christmas flight deals, some on families, some on couple travel, and some for solo trips thus, it gives you a wide range of offers to choose from.

The best time to book a flight is as soon as you make sure that you want to enjoy your Christmas in a land where you can get the best festival vibe.

So, without any further ado, let us delve into:

Top 15 Places to Celebrate Christmas in the World


Dublin Christmas Decoration

Dublin can be considered as the best Christmas holiday destination, especially if you would love to enjoy an Irish Pub with black puddings.

Not only can you find pubs to celebrate your holidays till they last, but some amazing Christmas markets can be explored along with tree lighting ceremonies held there.

Attraction Points

  • The moving crib in the basement of St. Martin Apostolate with charming mechanical figures.
  • Lightings on Grafton Street.
  • Tree lighting ceremonies to let you have the joy of decking up the decorations.


Tokyo: best place to celebrate Christmas

If you are searching for a place to celebrate your Christmas, then Tokyo, the capital of Japan, will make one of the best Christmas travel destinations.

One can enjoy the best Christmas lights here with decked-up streets and gardens to enjoy a view like never before.

Enjoying your Christmas with your family in Tokyo will be among the best experiences you had.

Attraction Points

  • 10-foot-tall globes shedding snow at midtown.
  • Yes, the garden place’s massive chandelier.
  • Blue cavern, the best-illuminated place.

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Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Belgium is among the most visited places in Europe, and imagine visiting this place during the holiday season. With streets, all glowing with festival lights, and enjoying a hot cup of Belgium chocolate while holding the hands of your love.

Thus, spending your holidays in Bruges, Belgium, will be an enthralling experience for sure.

Attraction Points

  • Gruuthuse’s Projection.
  • Decked up the church of our lady tower.
  • Enjoy a winter glow by following the light trail.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

If you are searching for the best places to celebrate Christmas, give a thought to Salzburg city in Austria. This UNESCO heritage will be the best place to enjoy a Christmas with traditional music and sing along.

If you plan to visit this place during the Christmas holidays, you are surely going to wish to spend the rest of the holidays in the lap of this city.

Attraction Points

  • Wind music binds people to their traditional era.
  • Mulled wine with market stands to enjoy your day.
  • Some Beuernkrapfen (Austrian/German fried dough pastry) will surely leave you craving for more.
  • Goldgasse, for some frilly ornaments.

New York City

New York City: Christmas family destination

New York City, a place which can be the best place to visit during Christmas, given to the activities which can be enjoyed there. Not only the Christmas decorations but with the snow, many other things can be enjoyed.

There is no way that you can find yourself bored out in this city, forget this during the holidays.

Attraction Points

  • Enjoy ice skating at the best of the best places, Rockefeller Center.
  • Walking tours with the local residents.
  • Shopping at the fifth avenue.
  • Chance of enjoying a miracle at 34th Street.

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Vienna is a beautiful place, and the Christmas spirit only makes it all the more enthralling experience.

So, planning a Christmas break in this city will only make your holidays more memorable and fun-filled.

Attraction Points

  • Some shopping at the Viennese Christmas market will be something you will surely enjoy.
  • Traditional performances by the Vienna boys choir performance will be a good experience while you are at it.
  • Rathausplatz’s Tree will be worth a watch.


London: Christmas celebration

London in itself is a city where people enjoy a good holiday. Now imagine this extraordinary city during the holiday period.

With excitement and a Christmas, vibes-filled atmosphere, there is a lot that can make your Christmas more enchanting.

Attraction Points

  • Decorations at the Georgian Townhouses will be something you wouldn’t like to miss.
  • Somerset House’s Courtyard will be site while gliding on the frozen waters.
  • Pubs with some fun drinks and the Dickensian charms will be something you will enjoy.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful place to have a holiday spent there. Now comes the city of Reykjavik of Iceland, which is famous for its Christmas vibes.

So, if you are looking to plan your Christmas out somewhere, then Reykjavik will be a perfect answer for you.

Attraction Points

  • Enjoy the Northern Lights at the darkest corners of the city.
  • Long nights mean better lighting views for longer hours.
  • Enjoying the local folklore by the 13 Yule lads is a must.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Germany is considered to be among the best countries to spend your Christmas in. So, if you are planning to spend your Christmas in this country, then the city of Cologne will be a must to visit.

With all the decorations and vibes that speak of the festive season, it will be an amazing experience.

Attraction Points

  • A large crowd, as many as 4 million people in winters.
  • Christmas market emitting the charms of the Old Yuletide World.
  • The opposite of Cathedral on the Rhine is that the Koelntriangle will be a must-watch.

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Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France; Christmas tree

France is the country which gets a lot of visitors throughout the year. But if you are planning to visit this during the Christmas holidays, then Strasbourg is a city that you would like to miss at any cost.

Not only will this place offer you some of the best Christmas vibes, but you will also enjoy being in this city for what it has to offer.

Attraction Points

  • Oldest Christmas market, as old as 450 years, which are a total of 12 markets.
  • Alsatia delicacies, like Foie Gras, are something that, like most people, you too will enjoy.
  • Delicious food items of these markets will leave your mouth watering for more.
  • Strasbourg Cathedral, the middle age-built structure below the superlative market.


 Rome: Christmas celebration

Rome, the city where the Pope resides and the home of Catholicism, will be a perfect holiday destination for the Christmas season.

Albeit that this place will be able to give you the best traditional experience of the festivities and the Cathedrals and Churches will be a sight to behold.

Attraction Points

  • Hymns echoing off the walls of the city with extraordinary decorations.
  • A midnight visit to the Pantheon will leave you spellbound.
  • Enjoy the festival in the traditional form.



The booze of Edinburgh is what attracts the maximum attention of the people.

But the seasonal offering is more enjoyable than the daily offers. During the holidays, you will enjoy a great number of activities, from shopping for Christmas to Skating to enjoying the Lighting views.

There is something or the other for all the people.

Attraction Points

  • East Princes St. Gardens’ Christmas market.
  • Pentland Hills regional park will be the best to enjoy Skiing.
  • While St. Andrew Square will be perfect for Ice Skating.
  • Hogmanay festival if you have that much time.
  • Edinburgh Castle’s Christmas lunch, something not to miss at any cost.


 Sydney: place to celebrate Christmas

Sydney, the capital of Australia, can be said to have the best lighting on Christmas, so, if you haven’t seen these lights, then you are surely missing them.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip during the upcoming holiday season, you should consider this place.

Attraction Points

  • Sydney Christmas lasts for almost a month.
  • Martin Place, hosting the largest tree in the city and is worth a watch.
  • The 3500 lights at the arcade will be worth wandering.
  • Or the second option is the canopy of lights with 85000 twinkling at Pitt Street mall.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina: Christmas Decoration

If you want to catch on to the Spirit of Christmas in its most raw form, welcome to the town of Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville.

There are many things and activities that the place offers. It doesn’t matter what you want to enjoy, a morning stroll or a night, you will enjoy every bit of it.

Attraction Points

  • Decorations at Biltmore include 100 Trees, 25000 Ornaments, 10000 Lights, and 1200 Poinsettias.
  • National Gingerbread house competition at the Omni Grove Park Inn.
  • Even one can find a Santa Claus on a chimney.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon: Christmas Tree

Without saying anything about what you can expect from this city, let us dive into what it has to offer.

Attraction Points

  • Humongous Christmas tree at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, something not to miss.
  • Zoolights decorate the Oregon zoo with almost 1.5 million lights.
  • Peacock lane for outstanding decorations.
  • The parade of ships is a unique Christmas tradition.
  • Pittock Mansion, if you want to have a surreal experience of walking in a Christmas card.

Wrapping Up

We all know that Christmas is a fun festival and the majority of people are looking for a perfect destination to celebrate Christmas along with their family and friends. That’s why we have PICKED OUT the best 15 places for an ideal Christmas Vacation.

So, What are you waiting for? Book now and fly away.