Aruba- the happy island you must visit

Travel to Aruba & Explore the Hidden Gems of Island

Aruba is the island country that yells, “AR-U-BAck for more?”

Are you planning to travel to Aruba? If yes, then great! No, we are not accepting any Nos. 

The sight of turquoise sea, dazzling white beaches, a near-perfect climate, constant sunshine, palm trees rustling in the cool breeze, and a flock of flamingos is just a glimpse into the heaven that Aruba is. 

This fun, lively, and colorful island is correctly named “One Happy Island” and would make the perfect vacation plan if you are looking for an escape from the everyday routine. The tiny yet gorgeous Aruba is a charming mix of contrasts. There are tranquil beaches alongside casinos, shores, cacti, and a blend of Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and West African in the language and exquisite Continental and local cuisine. The Caribbean island also exhibits a wild side in the Arikok National Park with twisted divi-divi trees, abandoned gold mines, and rugged terrain. Aruba has much to offer, and you can experience it all if you book a vacation package in advance and make your trip a hassle-free and memorable experience.

How to get to Aruba?

Aruba is the happy Dutch Caribbean island in the Southern Caribbean. Getting to the island is easy and can be done through the cruise port or the Queen Beatrix International Airport. It’s best advised to book an all-inclusive trip to Aruba through a trusted travel agency. They have convenient single-connection flights from around the world. If we talk about the entry requirements, Canadian, American, Caribbean, most South American, and European citizens do not require visas to enter Aruba. 

Best Time to Visit this Happy Island

Since the island is situated outside the hurricane belt, it has near-perfect weather year-round, so the travel season lasts all year. The summer and fall months see a lower threat of storms; hence tourists favor Aruba over other Caribbean Islands. The island is known to welcome American and European tourists during the initial months of the year as they look to escape the winter chills and bask in the sun on the tranquil beaches. 

Packing Checklist

The constant, warm weather throughout the year makes packing for Aruba a little easier. Don’t forget to pack the following essential items:

  • Sunscreen, sun hat, and SPF chapstick, and you can laze around the beach for as long as you want. 
  • Light, breathable clothing—for women: sundresses, thin shorts, and tank tops/t-shirts. For men: short-sleeve button-down shirts, t-shirts, and breathable shorts
  • Bathing suits, cover-ups
  • Sunglasses
  • Flipflops and sneakers
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Portable cooler
  • US Dollars, major credit cards, and traveler’s checks

Things To Do

These are the list of places you must visit and the things you must not miss out on when you travel to Aruba. 

Feed the Flamingos


The Flamingo Beach is a dreamy, once-in-a-lifetime kind of a place. The Renaissance hotel owns an island, and that is where you can find the Flamingos; it is not open to the common public. You either need to be staying at the hotel (500$ per night) or get a day pass a day earlier(125$ per person). The hotel’s boat arrives every 15 minutes, starting at 7 am every day in the hotel lobby, and takes 20 people in one go. We would advise you to visit the beach during the morning as the beach is less crowded and you will have higher chances of getting close to the bird. You can click beautiful, Instagrammable pictures and feed the bird straight out of your pal. The feeling is definitely surreal, and you should experience it at once.

Become one with the Beaches

beaches in aruba

If you find immense pleasure in the vicinity of the ocean, the waves gently touching your feet, the feel of crisp sand on your toes, or lounging in the sun, you can proudly say that you’re a beach lover and the beach is your happy place. Aruba has some of the best, breathtakingly beautiful beaches that will make you want to return to Dutch Caribbean Island again and again. To name a few, there are Druif Beach, Surfside Beach, Eagle Beach, Malmok Beach, among many others.

Heaven to Snorkelers and Scuba Divers

snorkelers and scuba divers

Imagine getting to witness a diminutive damselfish, a school of blue parrotfish, or (if you are fortunate) four sea turtle species. Isn’t the thought of the same making you giddy? Whether you’re new at diving or an expert, the diving experience can be made perfect with diving classes available for a price. So the next time you decide to travel to Aruba, make sure to add snorkeling and scuba diving to your list of adventure activities. 

Deep Dive into Adventure at De Palm Island

De Palm Island Aruba

Thinking of a place with a lunch buffet, open bar, banana boat ride, snack corner, snorkel equipment, kids aqua play area, hair braiding, beach massages, temporary tattoos, flamingos, and many more fun activities? De Palm Island is it! The place has it all and much more to offer. You should take a day and visit the private island to find relaxation and adventure while on your travel to Aruba.

More Extraordinary Water Activities

water activities in Aruba

From kayaking, canoeing to underwater tours, Surfing & Paddle Boarding to Jetski, Jetlev, & Seabob Rental, Kite & Windsurfing to Parasailing, Sailing to deep-sea fishing, Aruba is a heaven if you are a thalassophile—lover of the sea. If water activities get your heart pumping and you can’t seem to get enough of water adventure, this is the ultimate destination for you. Book the first flight to Aruba, and treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime.

Get lost in the Aruban Nightlife

nightlife in Aruba

 Sip cocktails at seaside bars, try your like at exciting casinos, share stories, dance at weekly Carnival celebrations, and play until dawn at some of Aruba’s beachfront lounges or lively clubs. Aruba has one of the best nightlife Caribbean has to offer. You could plan a trip around one of the many music festivals, hop into a crazy party bus, or have fun at one of the top-rated clubs. Arubans have big hearts and welcome LGBTQ travelers with open arms.

Experience the Rich Aruban Culture

Rich Aruban Culture

Aruba is home to rich heritage, museums, mural art, art galleries, and glass/ceramic art. The tiny island is not just fun and games but has distinct music and art forms that are being brought to the forefront. Groove to some traditional Aruban music, or plan your vacation so you don’t miss the hottest annual Aruba music festivals. 

Immerse into the Culinary Magic

Food and cuisine in Aruba

Taste diverse delicacies from Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish, 

while sharing a glass of wine with your feet in the sand, listening to the roaring waves as the cool breeze brushes your face. The food here is as diverse and lovely as its people. As a tourist, you can savor fresh fish straight from the sea and even taste the authentic flavors of Aruba in each bite.

Shopper’s Paradise

Shopper's Paradise in Aruba

A haven for local handcrafts and even international brands, Aruba is no less than a shopper’s paradise. You must take souvenirs back home to remember the time you’ve spent here. You can choose between jewelry, perfumes, designer stores, Dutch delicacies, Aruba’s aloe products, and Cuban cigars, or you can take them all!

The chill vibe of the gorgeous island will have you marveling at the beauty that Aruba has to offer. Who wouldn’t like to experience the burst of freshness complemented by a feeling that feels like a huge warm hug. Definitely not us, and we hope you neither. Don’t wait another day, and book your flight to Aruba today! Because you deserve a refreshing vacation, and there’s no place better than Aruba to visit year-round.

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